Testimonial from David of Cape Coral, Florida

Testimonials May 13, 2011

Shane was very cordial and knowledgeable. He was able to identify what the problem was with my well. The submersible pump and vibrated loose from the pipe and fallen down into the well. We were lucky in the fact that a rope was moored to the runaway pump. We removed 120 feet of pipe and extracted the pump. Luckily for me the pump was still in a usable state. He replaced the fitting and resecured the pump to the pvc pipe. The pump was lowered down into the well along with the 120 feet of pvc pipe. After a few adjustments we had running water. He did a great job and carefully kept me apprised of each step in the process. If you want good quality help then he's the man to do it.

David H. of Cape Coral, FL,