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This is a tricky question. Usually softeners are set to use between 9 and 15 pounds of salt per regeneration. Given the fact that all softeners have a finite capacity for removing the hardness from your water, they must regenerate periodically in order to continue softening your water. The amount of salt that your specific softener uses per regeneration cycle multiplied by the amount of times that your water softener regenerates in a given month will give you an approximate amount of salt that your softener will use in a month. For instance: a 9 by 48 water softener that uses 10 pounds of salt per regeneration cycle and is set to regenerate 10 times per month, will use about 100 pounds per month in order for the water softener to work properly. If you begin to notice water spots on your dishes or fixtures before you run out of salt in your brine tank, your system may not be properly using salt. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection.