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322 Gunnery Rd S Unit E Lehigh Acres, FL 33973

As rain water filters through the ground into the aquifer, it picks up certain minerals from the soil and rocks, such as magnesium and calcium. So why do I need to remove these minerals? They can be harmful to the plumbing and plumbing fixtures in your home. As this water passes through your home’s water pipes, these minerals collect on the walls of the piping in the form of scale. This scale can actually build up to the point of clogging your water lines and causing you to have to replace the water lines in your home. This scale also builds up on your fixtures, shortening their lives. You will see it as water spots on your dishes and shower walls. It can build up in your washer lines, your water heater, and your dishwasher. All of these problems caused by scale build-up can be remedied with a properly sized water softener, built to your specific water conditions and household needs.